About Brushwood

From the beginning Brushwood or as it may be known as, broom brush, plus Stone and masonry, were the original materials of choice used to make fences and to define boundaries, keeping out unwanted guests.
Yet here we are hundreds of years on, and they are still as popular as ever.

So why are Our brushwood panels being used more and more in our Perth and WA markets.

  • Attractive

    Nothing compares with brushwood when you are looking for an attractive material. It is so soft and natural, and will not only compliment any garden, they will actually become part of your garden and landscape design.

  • Versatility

    Brushwood panels can be used as Fencing, Roof and Wall cladding. As they are solid Pre made panels they are very easy to instally, and can be cut to both height and length with some basic tools. They also can be installed on both level and sloping sites.

  • Long Life

    Our brushwood is made from Melaleuca Uncinata, and is a unique species that thrives in marginal saline land. It is the combination of this species, and the environment it grows in, that gives our brushwood its longevity. We only use brush from mature older plants with well developed root systems. The stick is thicker and stronger, and will not break down and deteriorate like thin new growth plants.

  • Quality

    Our brushwood panels have been made to the highest standard. Only made from mature Melaleuca Uncinata plants, the brush is then compressed and wire stitched every 30mm to form a very solid panel. So strong in fact, that they have been approved by engineers, to be used in some of our extreme cyclonic areas.
    Absolute testomy to the strength and quality of our panels

  • Pool & Spa Fencing

    Our panels have been officially certified and approved to be used as a safety barrier for swimming pools. With this certification, brushwood panels can be used directly as a pool fence, or you can butt your glass or metal pool fencing up to our brushwood fence knowing that the safety barrier for swimming pools has not been comprised.

  • Sound Absorption

    Our brushwood panels are compressed and very dense. With excellent sound absorption qualities, they will help to reduce traffic and unwanted neighbourhood noises.

  • Insulation

    Brushwood panels will not retain any heat. With their excellent insulation properties they can also be used to clad hot metal fences protecting your plants & garden, and especially with modern compact blocks, they will dramatically improve your comfort in these outdoor areas.

  • Low maintenance

    Brushwood panels require very little maintenance. They are Rot and White ant resistant & require no painting or Oiling to maintain their colour and promote longevity. For people who are time poor, brushwood offers a great way to spruce up your home and garden, without all the long hours associated with garden maintenance.

  • Fire Retardant

    The compression and density of these panels combined with the species and Providence, give these panels their natural fire retardant properties.

With all of these qualities, it is not hard to see why our brushwood panels have become the product of choice of many home and garden lovers alike.

NaturallyInspired only uses regenerative varieties of brushwood, making it Enviromentally friendly.