Add Balance To your Outdoor Garden

Sometimes when we combine a whole lot of modern products together, without even realizing our Outdoor Area’s can become hard and sterile.

Products such as clay Bricks, Stone walls, Cement paving, plus metal Colour bond fences on their own are fine.

However using too much of the same, we lose the balance between hardscapes of man-made materials, and the softscapes, that nature provides us.


IMG_332315 Brushwood (2)

If you find that your Outdoor area’s and gardens have become a little too hard, one of the easiest ways to return some balance is to cover your metal fences with Naturally Inspired, brushwood cladding panels.

Straight away you will notice how Beautiful and soft the Brushwood Panels are, and even when looking from every part of your home, this Stunning backdrop just naturally compliments your garden.

Brushwood panels also have tremendous Sound and Heat Absorption properties.

By Covering your metal colour bond fence you will not only protect your plants from our extreme weather, you will provide a much more comfortable living environment for everybody to enjoy.


Naturally Inspired Brushwood Cladding panels are available 2.2m long x 1.8m high x 30mm thick.

They are Long Lasting, Maintenance free product.


Cost per Panel = $ 186.00ea, with discount available for large orders.


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