IMG_3275 (1)In recent years the trend has seen residential land become smaller and smaller, with the modern home taking up a larger percentage of the area available.
So it has become increasingly important to maximise the use of what land we still have available for our outdoor living and gardens.
Naturally Inspired was recently contacted by Chris of Scarborough who wanted to make better use of their front yard for a more personal and private use.
At the time their front garden was defined by a well built brick pillars with wrought iron infills.
Although very attractive, this fence was not very functional.
As they lived on a semi Main Street, they needed privacy, and to soften some of those traffic and pedestrian noises before they could contemplate enjoying this outdoor space.
The solution was to take down the wrought iron and replace it with our brushwood panels.
The brushwood panels provided all the necessary privacy , and their soft – natural appearance ensured that they complimented the existing garden.
The tremendous sound absorption qualities of brushwood was an added bonus. Softening all those residential noises, giving way to a more comfortable private front garden.
By using brushwood, Chris and his family have now gained some valuable outdoor living space, that will obviously provide plenty of enjoyment for many years to come.

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