Balance Your Outdoor Area’s

Add Balance To your Outdoor Garden Sometimes when we combine a whole lot of modern products together, without even realizing our Outdoor Area's can become hard and sterile. Products such as clay Bricks, Stone walls, Cement paving, plus metal Colour bond fences on their own are fine. However using too much of the same, we [...]

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Huge Brushwood Sale

All Brushwood Panels Discounted Available in 2 thickness - 30mm Thick for cladding and covering old fences etc. - 50mm Thick to be used as  free standing Fence panels. Available -  1.1m or 2.2m long x 1.8m or 2.0m high   Prices Start from $108.000 per panel Naturally Inspired Brushwood Panels are Strong, Long lasting, [...]

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Brushwood fencing solving Main St problem

In recent years the trend has seen residential land become smaller and smaller, with the modern home taking up a larger percentage of the area available. So it has become increasingly important to maximise the use of what land we still have available for our outdoor living and gardens. Naturally Inspired was recently contacted by [...]

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