Estate and Commercial

For many years now NaturallyInspired has been supplying brushwood fencing panels to numerous Land developments and Estates throughout the whole of western Australia.

We have provided assistance in the design Phase, and followed up throughout the whole supply and installation phases, until there conclusion.

Some of these projects have spanned over a long period of time, up to 20years in some cases. So it is important to us that we only provide quality made products that are long lasting, functional, aesthetically pleasing throughout the life of the development and beyond.

Here are some of the reasons why brushwood fencing has worked so well, and is still very popular, and especially has a lot of merit in the modern Era.

  1. Suitability

    It is common knowledge that Estate block sizes have become smaller, and more compact over the years.
    Metal Roofs, Patio’s and colour bond fences, combined with a basic reduction of Air flow and around the homes, will dramatically contribute to a hotter living environment.
    Brushwood fencing is probably the most suitable boundary fence in the modern era. It will not retain  heat and allow the whole area to breath.
    It will however, protect your plants & reduce the heat dramatically, providing a more comfortable outdoor living environment for everybody to enjoy.

    In addition, as these outdoor areas have become smaller, & our focus has shifted to larger homes with stylish alfresco and entertaining areas, there is even less room to create an effective garden.
    A softer more natural brushwood Fence & backdrop, is a great place to start your garden, and is natural enough to actually become a part of the garden, reducing the number of plants and room you require to landscape.For similar reasons above, brushwood fencing is ideal between group dwellings, units etc., where Heat insulation and Sound Absorption becomes an important consideration.

    Brushwood fencing can become an important and strategic selling tool to any modern development.

  2. Cost Effective

    Brushwood fencing is an extremely cost effective boundary fence, specifically appropriate for sub division estates.
    As a very stylish boundary fence, they are a fraction of the cost of stone or masonry alternatives. The natural nature and look of brushwood will compliment any other building material and hardscape. In my opinion it is this  mixture of the soft and hard look that works the best.
    They will soften the whole estate, and continue to provide a stylish, pleasant looking, no maintenance boundaries for many years to come.

  3. Versatility

    The density and strength of our brushwood panels, allows them to be used in many different applications.
    They are often used between stone and masonry pillars, as traditional brushwood fences with the roll top capping, or simply fixed to timber posts and rails.
    They can be installed on both level and sloping sites.

  4. Quality & long life

    Our brushwood is made from Melaleuca Uncinata, and we source this unique species that thrives in marginal saline land. It is the combination of this species, and the environment it grows in, that gives our brushwood its longevity and strength.
    Our brush is white Ant & Rot resistant.
    We only cut brush from mature older plants with well-developed root systems. The stick is thicker and stronger, and will not break down and deteriorate like thin new growth plants.
    The brush is then compressed and wire stitched every 30mm along 8 off horizontal galv wires to form a dense strong panel of brush.
    So strong in fact, that on previous projects, they have been approved by engineers, to be used in some of our harshest Cyclonic areas.
    So if it is a coastal , or wind prone development, this is absolute testimony to the quality and strength of our brushwood panels.

  5. Pool & Spa safety barrier certification

    As our panels have been officially certified and approved to be used as a swimming pool safety barrier, future land & home owners who install a Pool or Spa, can confidently use the brushwood boundary fence [ providing they have been installed correctly] as part of the safety barrier. (certification number provided)
    Another positive selling tool for the developer

  6. Sound Absorption

    Our brushwood panels are compressed and very dense. With excellent sound absorption qualities, they will help to reduce traffic and any unwanted neighbourhood noises, especially those large air conditioning units, that seem to run 24hrs of the day.

  7. Graffiti Proof

    Nothing will spoil the look of a nice attractive development like graffiti. Purely by its nature and texture, brushwood panels do not suffer the same fate as other materials do at the hands of the graffiti artist.

  8. Fire Retardant

    The compression and density of these panels, combined with the species and providence, give these panels their natural fire retardant qualities

  9. Service

    NaturallyInspired has approximately 35years experience in this industry.

    We pride ourselves in providing a quality product,  delivered on time, to numerous land developments throughout the whole of Western Australia. We work closely with Fencing companies who undertake these projects, and we are always available, and happy to offer our advice and experience throughout the planning and construction stages.
    – Suitability
    – Cost effective
    – Versatility
    – Quality & Long life
    – Pool & Spa safety barrier Certification
    – Sound Absorption
    – Graffiti Proof
    – Fire Retardant
    – Service


    For all Commercial enquiries, please contact:
    Stephen Mant.
    Direct no: 0418 942 551
    Office: 9 367 3166 or