Somerville Theatre gets a new Brushwood Fence.

Somerville Theatre, Arguably, one of the best Outdoor Cinema’s in the world.

A popular venue with movie goers, as well as a long association with the Perth Festival, it was decided that this Iconic venue was due for some much needed repairs.

With the old fence in Tatters, and not before time, Naturally Inspired was given the task to replace the existing boundary fence.


To keep with the natural surroundings and blend in with the garden, it was decided to again use Brushwood Fencing Panels with the Roll Top Capping.


Some new gates were supplied, and others had received a much needed face lift.

Overall a Traditional Style of construction was decided upon.

Whereby both sides of the fence would look the same, and all the structural components concealed inside.


The end result was an Attractive pleasing Natural enclosure, with the added benefits of Using Naturally Inspired’s Brushwood, Good Sound Absorption Qualities, and a Solid Privacy Screen were maintained.

The brushwood Fence panels used, were 2.2m long x 1.8m high x 50mm thick.

Also available in 2.0m high panels.

Naturally Inspired only uses regenerative species of brush, making it an Enviromentally Friendly product.

Made from Melaleuca Uncinata, They are long lasting, Rot and white ant resistant.

Naturally Inspired Brushwood panels are strong and unscalable, certified to be used a Swimming Pool Safety Barrier.